Navratri - India Decked-Up to Welcome ‘Goddess Durga’

It has been one day since the grandest fest of India ‘Navratri’ knocked the door of devotees. Whole country has awestruck in the festive mood. The nine night festival is celebrated to honor goddess in all her incarnations comprising Saraswati, Lakshmi & Durga. In India, Navratri is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm and there are many reason make this amazing festival favorable amid people in India like- colors of vary dance forms, glitz, Jagaran, hectic Jhakis and stunning pandals that is a blend of plentiful activities.

Going to the major cities of India, you will find abundant pandals of varying sizes & will also get to have Aarti performed by many cute little Indian girls carrying separate Thalis decorated with Pooja Samargri and Diya. And, 100 of people standing in front of Durga’s Idol sing traditional songs also called as Aarti sangeets to mesmerize goddess. The Pooja is performed for 9 days continuously till the fest end up.

Visiting Indian temples during Navratri would be a wonderful experience you will get to collect moments never experienced in your life. If visiting then doesn’t forget to taste the Prashad made up of different chopped fruit a piece that is served by the Poojari’s in the temple.

Most Favorable places to visit in India during Navratri 2012

Although Navratri is celebrated in all across India with great fervor but the key places where one should always visit to collect the real fun of this festival and to witness flamboyant Navratri celebration are Mumbai, Gujarat and West Bengal.The triangle of these three cities engages a great scenario of celebrations. You will get to see plenty of events and shows to tribute mother Durga on every nook and corner of the cities.

Celebration Agenda of Navratri

Like every year,this year will also enclose plenty of different dance performances and late night events. In Gujarat, the fest would be celebrated performing traditional dance performances popularly known as Garba and Raas, the most hectic dance performances. To perform the dance acts, dancers get prepare in colorful clothes along with Small decorated sticks called as Dandiyas used in the dandiya Raas.

Going Mumbai, the dance form gets bit modern and people dance on loud music playing traditional Goddess Durga songs. Each city celebrate this festival in their own way that means you will be able to witness the fun of different cities along with different colors. At the same time when you will move ahead to Delhi.

You will get to delight with the Ramlila Plays that alone collect thousands of tourists including locals as well as outsiders. Statues of Demon Ravan on the eve of Dussehra are burned and the day is called as the Dussehra that falls on the 10th day after Navratri. As per the Hindu mythology in the Ramayana, Lord Rama had prayed to Goddess Durga to be granted the celestial power to kill Ravana. He managed to get the divine power and killed demon on the same day that is now celebrated as Dussehra.

For avid traveler, it’s going to be a great time to visit India in the running and also upcoming month where Diwali the most celebrated Indian festival is going to fall.

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